Relational Learning Survey

 Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Survey! 

The Relational Learning Survey seeks to understand how people are relating with the natural world, their families and societies, and the rest of the human family today. 

By participating in the Survey, you’ll be helping everyone in the human family to better understand how we are relating worldwide. 

You yourself will enjoy learning from this map of global friendships when the first Survey results are expected to be released in 2021.

Thank you! 

Who can participate in the Survey?

Anyone 13 years and above can participate in the Survey. 

The Project team will appreciate the participation of college and university classes. Educators can use the Survey questions to encourage deeper relationships, conversations, discussions and research among their students.

How is the Survey conducted?

Each participant will complete the online Survey twice, once at the start of the Project and again one year after joining the Project.

Participants can choose to complete the Survey in any of the 10 languages currently available, including English, Dari (Persian), Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian, Finnish and Greek.

The short online Survey consists of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) questions. There are 30 Primary Survey questions which all participants complete, and 20 optional Supplementary Survey questions which participants are also encouraged to complete.

Each Survey question is a set of two statements about a certain topic ranging from education to economics. Both statements in each question are legitimate, so you will be selecting the statement that you feel is more accurate or important to you.  

An example of one of the questions is:

1a. The crises of climate change, inequality, and wars are related to one another.
 1b. The crises of climate change, inequality, and wars are independent of one another.

All responses are submitted anonymously and will only be seen by members of the RLP research team in order to upload them to a large database of all results. Your responses will not be shared with anyone.

You can be updated about the Relational Learning Project Survey and its progress through the Relational Learning Project Facebook page and the Relational Learning Project Instagram page.

The website hopes to eventually display a world map indicating places of participation.

While we encourage you to join a Relational Learning Circle, joining a Relational Learning Circle is not required to take the Survey.