Our Partners


The Relational Learning Project is a non-profit Project that is centred on relationships. 


Project Partners are unpaid volunteers and have no vested interests in the outcome of the Project data. Anyone interested in documenting and building relationships across the world can be a partner, including educators, activists and those involved in different fields of science and the humanities. Below is a list of the different areas volunteers can be involved in. 

You can partner us as a Volunteer in any of the areas below: 

RLP Outreach Volunteer: outreach to and correspondence with educational, activist and other groups 

Relational Learning Circle (RLC) Volunteer: help to arrange the RLCs or to welcome participants to the RLCs 

Relational Learning Circle (RLC) Facilitators/Translators: after a period of orientation by the RLC Team, you may be able to help facilitate/translate for the RLCs 

RLP Website Volunteer 

RLP Social Media Volunteer 

Encyclopaedia of Relationships Volunteer 


Individuals and groups interested in being Project Partners can write to relationallearningproject@protonmail.com 


Project Partners ( last updated in March 2020 ). The following list of Project Partners will be regularly updated.


1.      Afghan Peace Volunteers and Dr Hakim Young


Afghan Peace Volunteers

The Afghan Peace Volunteers are a grassroots group of ordinary, multi-ethnic Afghans who seek to build a critical mass of nonviolent relationships and alternative practices for a green, equal and nonviolent world without war. They volunteer in various peace-building programs at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Kabul, nurturing relationships with Nature and with the human family, believing that love can open all borders.

Dr Hakim Young

Singaporean physician and humanitarian worker who has worked in Afghanistan for 15 years.


2.      Marquette University Centre for Peacemaking


Dr Patrick Kennelly

Director of Marquette University Centre for Peacemaking


Tim Cigelske

Director of Integrated Content 

Marquette University 


Katherine Walsh

Marquette University undergraduate student and participant



3.      Global Days of Listening


Douglas Mackey

Environmental Scientist


Chuck Schultz, Ph.D.




4.      Jacqueline Jill Rito


Jacqueline Jill Rito

Teacher/adjunct professor

Long Island, NY


5.      Glenn Mitoma, Ph.D.


Glenn Mitoma, Ph.D.

Director, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center
Assistant Professor of Human Rights and Education

University of Connecticut


6.      Metaeducazione Italy

Cristina Mirra and Veronica Tarozzi

Educators and coordinators

Metaeducazione, Italy


7.      Voices for Creative Nonviolence


Kathy Kelly

Peace activist and educator


8.         Air Amber

Suraj Upadhiah and Shahril Hassan

Co-founders of Air Amber