Our Mission

The Relational Learning Project seeks to nurture learning through relationships with the natural world and the human family, ‘connecting everyone and everything’. 

How The Project Works 

It provides two intentional online platforms: the Relational Learning Survey and the Relational Learning Circles.

Anyone 13 years & above can participate in the Survey or the Circles or both, by clicking on the “Join Project” button on any page. We encourage you to experience both.

In Afghanistan where the Relational Learning Project was initiated, Dr Hakim Young and the Afghan Peace Volunteers have been developing Relational Learning Circles, in which they learn by relating directly and personally with all, including with self, community, the human family, the natural world and Mother Earth. 

Our Logo

The logo shows the ancient world of Pangaea with the continents in a single, borderfree land mass. 
Outlines of the alphabets “RLC” can be seen within the globe’s circle. The horizontal arm of the alphabet "L" forms a smile on the globe's face.
Four human figures, who are on the arms of the alphabet "R", represent the worldwide participants of the Project.