Humanity Daily

Humanity Daily is a movement to refresh our human health & humanity 
by relating with nature, self and others every day.

In essence, aren't we all human beings 

who are part of nature

and one another?

The challenges of modern life have disconnected us from nature and one another. We sometimes feel alienated, isolated, lonely or empty, even if we enjoy good relationships with our family and friends. 

Humanity Daily is a movement of the human family to refresh one other's health & humanity in authentic connections with nature, self and others every day.

We are a work-in-progress with groups of people heart-storming creative ways and trying out pilot projects to heal today's human disconnect. Consider joining one another to seed and grow this movement! We'll be happy to hear from, collaborate with or just be supportive of you!

Listen Learn Love

listen to, learn from and love for
all of nature and humanity of which our self is part of

           1. Plant

Care for Nature Daily 

Gift a plant(s) to others
Create mini-green spaces
Care for the plant(s) daily 

There is increasing evidence of nature restoring our physical, emotional and social health, so we wish to gift ourselves and those around us with plants, animals and elements of nature with whom we can connect with and care for daily.

Wherever we are, at home/school/work, we can start by getting a plant for ourselves and/or others and caring for the plant daily! 

          2. Health

Care for Self Daily 

Most of us don’t need expert guidance 
to understand and care for our physical, emotional & social health daily! 
You can use the free Guide/videos 
available on our web-page. 

Modern healthcare has focused predominantly on our physical health, so that while we have daily habits to care for our bodies, like brushing our teeth every day, we may not yet have daily habits to care for our emotional and social health. 
In the bio-psychosocial health framework that the World Health Organization uses, we can care for all three inter-connected aspects of physical, emotional and social health to be holistically healthy. 

    3. Conversations

Care for Others Daily

 Initiate conversations everywhere 

    - in every-day encounters 

     - can use suggested “chat starters”  

     & questions to start listening! 

 Those 18 years & above can join 

   - online/in-person facilitated conversations (single/multiple chats)

Today's structures, systems and lifestyles can stress our health and humanity daily, making us feel disconnected, commodified, atomized and judged in varying degrees.

Wherever we are, at home/school/work, we can have conversations as fellow human beings who wish to live and love meaningfully. 

Humanity Daily


Wherever you are, at home/school/work, 

1.     Plant: if you have started (or wish to start) caring for a plant 

2.     Health: if you have begun (or wish to begin) to adopt daily habits to care not only for your physical health, but your emotional and social health too

3.     Conversation: if you have initiated (or wish to be part of) a deeper conversation with others

Write to us so we can encourage one another as a movement!

We need each other more than ever.

We're not alone.