Human Family Circles

solidarity with all of humanity and life

The Human Family Circles hope to spread
borderfree solidarity to everyone everywhere,
by affirming and encouraging our common humanity
towards an equal world for all!
More than ever, we need one another!  

Solidarity of Hearts 

share how you feel 

Solidarity of Family


express gratitude to one another as members of the human family 

Solidarity of Equality 

encourage others through what you’re personally doing  to build an equal world for all, in big or small ways

How you would participate 

in a Human Family Circle after registration

1.      Reply to our confirmation email 


As we wish to keep each Human Family Circle to 45 minutes and to include diverse voices from different countries, upon registration, our volunteer team will email you from to confirm the date and time of your participation. 


Please check your email (and also your spam mail just in case) for confirmation. 


2.      Turn up in Zoom for the Human Family Circle, at the scheduled date and time 

You’ll discover the joy of a meaningful online connection with participants from different countries. Apologies if your time zone falls on a weird hour! 😊 



3.      Express your solidarity during the Human Family Circle! 


During the Circle, you will take a few minutes to express three things: Solidarity of Hearts, Solidarity of Family and Solidarity of Equality. 


4.      Encourage one other friend in another country to participate 

You can ask one other friend to join future Circles, sending out ripples till people from all countries are invited. 

We welcome your queries and suggestions at 

Our Story

During May and June of 2020, when most people on earth were in some form of Covid-19 quarantine, individuals from 39 countries sent well wishes to everyone everywhere! Inspired, some of us have come together to organize the online Human Family Circles.


We see countless acts of kindness as the natural world and humanity cope with multiple, interconnected crises: Covid-19, climate change, inequalities, wars, and more.

When one of us hurts, everyone hurts.

So, as more and more of us connect with intention and resolve, we can spread strength and support across all types of borders, in widening ripples of human solidarity. 

Human connection by human connection, we wish to extend love and hope!