What is the Relational Learning Project? 

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The Relational Learning Project seeks to nurture learning through relationships with the natural world and the human family, ‘connecting everyone and everything’. 

It provides two intentional platforms: the Relational Learning Survey and the Relational Learning Circles. 

Who can participate in the Relational Learning Project?

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This pilot project seeks participants from every country of the world. 

Anyone who is thirteen or more years old is welcome to participate in the Survey or the Circle or both. We encourage you to experience both.

The Project team also appreciates the participation of school and university classes and courses. 

How can I register to join the Project?

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To join the Relational Learning Project, you can register by clicking on “Join Project” buttons on any of the website’s pages.  

What do the Survey questions look like? 

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Each Survey question is a set of two statements about a certain topic ranging from education to economics. Both statements in each question are legitimate, so you will be selecting the statement that you feel is more accurate or important to you.  One of the questions is:

1a. The crises of climate change, inequality, and wars are related to one another.
1b. The crises of climate change, inequality, and wars are independent of one another.

Each participant will complete the short online Survey twice, once at the start of the Project and again one year after joining the Project.

What languages can I take the Survey in?

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Participants can choose to complete the Survey in any of the 10 languages currently available, including English, Dari (Persian), Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian, Finnish and Greek.

What will the Survey be used for and who can see your responses?

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All responses are submitted anonymously and are confidential. The data will only be seen by members of the RLP research team for analysis, under the purview of the Internal Review Board of Marquette University. Your responses will not be shared with anyone. Data analyses that are published will not be published with or linked to any names. 

What are the Relational Learning Circles (RLCs)?

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Relational Learning Circles (RLCs) are one-hour online conversations that function as focus groups on relational knowledge, attitudes and practices, in which participants ask, listen, relate and learn from one another. 

Those who are 18 years old and above will participate in RLCs individually.

Those 13 to 17 years of age will need to involve a teacher/adult guide in their Junior RLCs. They can also involve up to two other peers in their Junior Circles.

Participants who opt to participate in RLCs are encouraged to have at least two RLCs over one year.  The Circles consist of participants from all over the world.

Do I have to join a Relational Learning Circle if I take the Survey?

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While we encourage you to join a Relational Learning Circle, participation in a Circle is optional and not required to take the Survey.

How can I be updated on the worldwide participation in the Survey?

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You can be updated about the Survey and its progress through the Relational Learning Project website, Facebook page or Instagram page. The website hopes to display a world map indicating places of participation soon.

When, where and how was RLP created? 

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The RLP was developed in Afghanistan by Dr Hakim Young and the Afghan Peace Volunteers. For the scientific integrity of the survey, Chuck Shultz and Douglas Mackey were consulted.

If you have any other questions, please email relationallearningproject@protonmail.com
We’ll be happy to help.
Thank you!