Encyclopedia of Relationships

Taking inspiration from Dr EO Wilson’s Encylcopedia of Life, the Relational Learning Project envisions establishing an Encylcopedia of Relationships in the future.

The vision of the Encylcopedia of Relationships will be to provide an open, freely accessible digital database of the varied spectrum of relationships that human beings have with all members of Nature and the human family.

We invite educators, academics, researchers, university staff and others to be partners of the Encyclopedia of Relationships. 

Partners will work collaboratively to establish and maintain the data in the Encyclopedia of Relationships. Partners can be:

1.      Experts in different fields of science related to any dimension of relationships among human beings and nature.

-        educators, academics, researchers, university staff

-        medical professionals, including physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, geneticists

-        biologists, economists, IT specialists, sociologists, anthropologists….many others


2.      Encyclopedia of Relationships Administrators


3.      Encyclopedia of Relationships Networking Coordinators

Anyone interested to partner in the Encyclopedia of Relationships can write to: relationallearningproject@protonmail.com