#We Want to Know You Too! 
Relational Learning Project 

Watch Video: https://youtu.be/8mp0lPOeP1U 

Ihsaan: Many of my relatives have been killed in war. I feel sad that many people noticed Afghanistan only after Trump claimed he could wipe Afghanistan off the face of the earth and kill 10 million Afghans in 10 days.

Bismillah: We feel worthless. Why aren’t the people of the world concerned about us at all? Then we realized that we’re also not concerned about people in other countries. We human beings are disconnected from one another’s lives, and deaths. Despite our smart phones, the internet and Facebook, we don’t really know one another. 

Ihsaan: To us, this is a social emergency like the climate emergency. 

Bismillah: They share the same roots, that we’re disconnected from Nature and one another. So we wanted to do something together!

Ihsaan: We and the Afghan Peace Volunteers have organized the Relational Learning Project, and we need your help. 

Bismillah: We hope that as millions arise to care for our planet, we can also arise to care for one another. So join us at https://www.relationallearningproject.com/, Facebook and Instagram and help us to say, #We Want to Know You Too!