Relational Learning Project

Listen, Learn, Love.

The Relational Learning Project seeks to nurture learning through relationships with the natural world and the human family, ‘connecting everyone and everything’.

It provides two intentional platforms: the Relational Learning Survey and the Relational Learning Circles. 

Anyone 13 years & above can participate in the Survey or the Circles or both.
We encourage you to experience both.

Relational Learning Survey

By contributing your responses to a short online Survey, you’ll be helping to map the current state of relationships with the natural world and the human family. 

You will complete the same Survey twice, once at registration, and another a year from registration. 

It is hoped that results from this Survey will catalyze more studies and research into the science, art and humanities of RELATIONSHIPS, and eventually lead to the establishment of an online Encyclopedia of Relationships.

“I’ve experienced how radical learning through relationships can teach and ‘un-teach’ us, healing us to think, feel and do what we can to love life on earth, and save ourselves.” Dr Hakim Young 

Relational Learning Circles

Over one year, you will have at least two Relational Learning Circles, each Circle a one-hour online conversation with two other participants from different countries, in which you will learn from one another.

Watch this Relational Learning Circle conversation ( on 4th September 2017) among three unique friends from the U.S., Russia and Afghanistan, whose countries have been involved in inter-related wars:

“I think Maryam brings up a very valid point about the power of human relationships. I think it’s important to have these conversations not only between young people but between people of all ages all across the world. It’s the power of humanizing one another; I don’t think it can ever be surpassed.” Cameron, an undergraduate from the United States.

They have been in touch since, most recently in November 2019: 

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